@Home Research Group


AUT@Home team consists of MSc and BSc students from different departments with different abilities. Our team members are previously involved in a variety of projects which cover different aspects of “at home” robots and generally “Social Robots”. These projects are advised by the faculty members of Amirkabir University of Technology. This team has been founded in December 2007, which was known as “Sourena Team”. The first participation of this team in international competition was in RoboCup2008. In that competition we had a proper demonstration and we achieved the 5th place. Additionally, we had participated in Robocup three years consecutively. Through these years we have collected invaluable experiences which made our team stronger for future participation. At 2013 we restarted our work by building a new robot. This robot which we call that “Sepanta” participated in AUTCup2013 and achieved the 1st place in that competition.


Main Research Activities

1) SLAM (2D, 3D) - Navigation

2) Speech Recognition and TTS

3) Computer Vision

4) Computer Learning

5) ROS framework

6)  HRI – Human detection and recognition – Face identification and recognition – Skeleton tracking

7) Point Cloud Geometrical Analysis

Object Recognition and tracking, OpenCV, PCL, OpenTLD libraries

8) Motor Control, Inverse kinematics, Mobile Robot Manipulation

9) Mechanics

10) Electronics

11) C# and QT/C++ Linux application development and algorithms